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How can I reserve my day?

What sort of equipment do you bring to a wedding?

Why should we hire you?

Do you have insurance?

Do you work with a second shooter?

When can I expect to receive my full gallery?

How will I receive my photos?

Will you photoshop my images?

Aside from the occasional blemish/body reshape/skin retouch, I do not photoshop/or manipulate the images significantly. As a wedding photographer, I’m here to document what is truly happening at the moment. Plus, this takes an extensive amount of time on top of also editing the colors and tones.

After the selection process (culling) of good photos for delivery. We look through and edit each photo one by one. Edited images include color correction, cropping, exposure, skin blemishes, and precise color tweaking.

Photo manipulation is available for an additional fee of $25/image.

Do you provide the RAW, unedited files?

  • Unfortunately, I do not – the RAW are not included or delivered. This would be similar to asking your florist for the stems that were trimmed off. Or asking your dress or tux shop for all the excess fabric.

  • Any unedited photos that are not edited will be sent to you for your selection of retouch. Unedited photos exclude out-of-focus images, test shots, unflattering images, random shots of my shoes, etc.

How long you will keep my photos?

Your delivered photos will stay in our cloud service for at least 1 year. Typically, I will keep them as long as possible for a lifetime in case you lose the downloads.