Since childhood, I’ve cultivated my love for art with an artistic soul, a love for animals, trained by professional music educations, which allows me to be a storyteller.

Jacky Y.

As a storyteller, I take the extra time to get to know you. My focus is to create stunning, timeless, and meaningful images that you, your partner, and your family will cherish forever.

What I differentiate from other photographers are:

  1. I’m inspired by beautiful natural light, lush florals, romantic cuddles, and kind hearts.
  2. I refined the photos of clients in a very natural way.
  3. I always improve our products and services.

Fun facts: When I am off duty as a photographer, I am a data scientist who builds complex/fancy predictive models. And my wife and I raise a Shiba Inu in 2018, her name is “Youzi柚子”.